Speaker Queue

Hi there!
So, you’re thinking about hosting a conversation that requires high level moderation - this is exactly why we invented the speaker queue. Whether it’s to feel in control of your room or improve the conversation flow - all you have to do is select "Selected speakers" when creating your audio room. Check out this video to see what this looks like in practice.

Once set up, you can open the conversation as a moderator directly from your dashboard - this will take you to your audio room with your full moderation centre at hand.

To allow your participants to speak, simply ask them to raise their hand - you will then see their avatar pop up on the right side of your audio room, here. With one click, you can grant them speaker rights.

Once they unmute, their avatar will become bigger, and they will now be able to contribute to the discussion. And when they finish making their point, you can once again take away their speaker rights by clicking on the same icon on the right.

In the extreme case, when someone is being disruptive, you can also ban them and kick them out of the room entirely. They will be asked to consult our conversation guidelines, to hopefully understand what they’ve done wrong.

Hope this helps!

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