Room styling

Hi there!

Check out this video to  see how you can style your audio room.

In the dashboard, you can customize your audio room to make it fit perfectly into your website or app. Select the section “Room styling”. You can explore our gallery of themes, or set up a look from scratch in Customize. 

I like to get started like this: I choose a light or a dark theme, and then, in customize I adjust the most important colours, like this primary colour here. In the video, I set it to my favourite colour: #1f627e. I wanted it to be an even more dominant part of the in-room experience, I so I went into “Advanced” settings and picked a few more places for it: “Names” and “Icons”. And for my room frame I will picked a neutral grey tone. This seems like a pretty neat look!

The last thing I did was adjusting the corner radius - so basically how sharp the button edges are. I made the corners “large”, for very rounded edges.

Remember to save - this theme will now apply to all of the audio rooms inside the dashboard. And if you're looking to embed the room inside our website! You can check out our tutorials for all the most popular website builders.

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