Introduction to Dashboard

Nice to meet you! Let's take a tour of the Angle Dashboard.

My name is Sara and I’m here to give you a quick overview. For the best experience, I recommend you put this video to full screen.

We’re now on the landing page of the dashboard, called simply: audio rooms - that’s because here you can create your audio rooms, as well as see a chronological view of currently open and future rooms.

In the panel on the left, you can find other places to help you with your live audio empire, which are explained in more detail in further videos. 

Analytics is a section that shows you your audience at a glance, and monitors your participant behaviour and room success. “Your team” section allows you to invite other members of your team to the dashboard, and become moderators and admins. Room styling is a place, where you can customize how your audio rooms look, and Spotlight is our website widget that makes them accessible to a larger audience. 

Hope this helps and you have a fun experience getting started! 

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