Create a room

Hi there!

Let’s see how easy it is to create an audio room inside the Angle dashboard.

To create a room, click the button in the top right corner of your screen. This will take you to a new page, that has all the necessary details of your audio room. Type in your room title, select moderation settings - I go into more detail about them in another video. Pick a start time and date for your conversation. 

If you choose to schedule your event for the future - your participants will see an event card like this, with a description and option to add to calendar. You can pick if you want your attendees to first see an event card view or enter the conversation directly. You can see examples of what this could look like inside the video.

After your amazing and heated conversation is done, you can head to the analytics tab, to see some hard numbers tracking the expansion of your audio room empire. You can view the participant numbers, your audience growth, and read through feedback from your participants.

Hope this helps!

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