Dear Angle Community,
After making great strides on our mission of bringing great conversations into everyone’s daily lives, we made the difficult decision to close our doors. We regret to share that we will discontinue the Angle Audio platform, including audio rooms and control dashboard.
While we’re sad to end the Angle Audio journey here, we’re incredibly proud of the team we assembled and the conversations we made happen over the last two years. We were lucky to be supported by amazing people that trusted us to make mistakes and learn from them. Thank you and now off to new frontiers ✌
With gratitude — Co-founders Matthias, Valerius, and Matthias
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We help your business thrive by getting your audience to stay, listen and talk.

The results speak for themselves. Not only do people spend 10x more time in our audio rooms than on (news) websites. They also participate up to 25x as often - and these numbers are on average.


avg. time spent per session per user (vs. less than 2min in media)


more time on site


avg. participation rate (vs. 1% participation rule of the internet)

Easy entry for everyone - no email address required

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Meet a few of our happy customers

“Our community is one of the most active in Switzerland. With audio spaces, we want to offer them new opportunities to get informed and exchange ideas."

Marco Di Bernardo, CTO

“Highly recommend this as an added feature for Businesses that want to connect more deeply with their customers [...]”

Kirsten Alana, Photographer via Product Hunt

"We want to make it as easy as possible for our members to enjoy our online conversations. Angle allows us to do just that. It’s now much less effort to join than when we were using established web conferencing tools."

Sebastian Winther, Head of Digital

“Artfundi is all about innovation and finding new ways to connect and digitalize the art world. It’s a joy to do just that with the fantastic team behind Angle Audio. They’re super communicative and always there to help out.”

Tamzin Lovell Miller, CEO

"Angle’s audio rooms create intimacy in a way that is impossible to replicate with other online conversation tools. The only thing that comes close are in-person conversations."

Dr Thomas Wallimann-Sasaki, Organization Head

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